For as long as I can remember, even as a child, I loved creating.  I learned to sew as a little girl, making dresses, skirts, swim suits, even men's shirts.  The satisfaction of seeing that finished piece, it was a great feeling.  I continued with my sewing all thru my school years, I was active in my local 4-H.  Some of my clothing pieces even made it to the county fairs.

But everything changed when I visited an aritst who painted on canvas with oil paints.  My new love for creating was found.  I immedialty  went head first into painting on canvas.  After several years I came across an artist who gave private lessons.  Sign me up I said,  so for 3 months I would spend time with this artist, I learned so much, how light and shadowing work together and how paint can give highlights and lowlights. 

So many years passed and I had found my new love, and that was metalsmithing, working with a torch to heat metal to make beautiful jewelry.  I am a self taught artist on metal work.  I really loved the creative process of making jewelry, I found beautiful turquoise stones and turned them into pieces of jewelry.  This is when I started my homebased business.  My jewelry was sold in local stores in my area, and my jewelry has been in magazines like Cowboys & Indians, aswell as Cowgirl magazine.

One day I was reading an issue of Cowboys& Indians and saw a beautiful handbag made from a gorgeous cowhide and leather.  My mind was storming inside with so many ideas of bags that I could make.  I began with a pencil and paper and started drawing out pictures and patterns of handbags that I would eventually make into beautiful handbags.   More later Peace