For as long as I can remember I have been creating things with my hands, as a child I love to color.  I loved art, painting, sculpting even sewing.  I studied art in school had a special tutor who was a professional artist, she taught me so much.  Everything has come natural for me, I can't think of a time when I wasn't creating.  I watched a video of a metalsmith making jewelry from metal and instantly fell in love with the art of metal work, so I taught myself how to make jewelry from different kinds of metal, I learned how to use a torch for soldering pieces together.  I went in search of natural stones to place in my metal pieces and so I was making jewelry.
Then my love for creating turned to purse design, kind of out of need, I wanted a certain size of purse and could not find it, so I began to design my own pattern.  I looked for exotic cowhides from Argentina and Brazil also leathers from Italy.  Soon my little hobby turned into a fulltime business.  I do all of the work myself from the design to the selection of the hides and leathers, down to sewing it sometimes by hand or by my leather sewing machine.  Once I decide on an idea for a purse, the time it takes to complete it can be as long as a month to as little as a week, it all depends on how much detail I put into my design and the finished look that I am after.  I have been known to change my design several times until I get that wow look.
I am always looking for old leathers that I can repurpose and make into beautiful bags.
Please know that each of my handbags is made with love and that my prayer is for the customer who buys my bags wears it for many years.  They are very unique in design and no two will ever be alike.
Thank you so much
God Bless
Stephany E Miller
S.E.M. Leather Bags 

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